We own the Plant breeders’ rights (PBR), also known as Plant variety rights (PVR), of:
– Allium Cameleon
– Allium Eros

Allium Cameleon®
Allium Eros®

Allium Cameleon®
In 2000 we received plant material of this lovely Allium from Wayne Roderick, who was working at the botanical garden of the University of California. True to its name, this unusual variety produces flowers that change from white with rose veins to dark rose as they age.The soft pink flowers flowering through various color stages. The downy leaves are hairy on the side.

** Allium Cameleon has been voted one of the garden trends 2014
by Dutch garden magazine ‘Tuinieren’ (gardening) **

Allium Eros®

Named after the Greek God of love. Eros was considered the most beautiful god, because he originated the most beautiful feelings in humans. For time immemorial Eros softened the most unapproachable characters, made life better and gave meaning to it.

Pinkish lilac, pointed tipped petals, form larger than average, star-shaped flowers, which top the upright stems in domed clusters (that can grow up to 10cm across) in early summer. This brand new variety is an elegant plant that will gradually form a good-sized clump if undisturbed. The flowers are excellent for cutting too.

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