Time to harvest …

While some varieties of our miscellaneous bulbs will start to flower in August our harvest season has arrived; both of the bulbs/tubers as the seed.

* Bulbs/tubers

The foliage, from which naturalising bulbs draw their strength for the second flowering and multiplication, has been died away completely. This means that the bulbs/tubers no longer will grow and therefore can be harvest.

The miscellaneous bulbs from our test garden are still being harvest according to traditional methods; by hand. This way the flower bulbs will be damaged as little as possible. Our ancestors did not do differently and this working method has passed on of generation on generation. The other varieties are being harvest mechanically.

The small stocks are being dried by Mother Nature and the large stocks by a special drying wall. Sustainability is of prime importance in our company and we will do everything to protect people and environment; we use crop protection product, energy and water as little as possible.

After harvesting the bulbs are being processed; stripped of sand and dirt, dried and then sorted to size. The large sizes will be delivered to export companies and consumers and small sizes are the bulbs for our nursery to plant in the Autumn.

The bulbs that will be send to consumers are now stored under the best conditions (temperature, humidity etc.) so a high quality will be guaranteed before they will be delivered to consumers in October.

* Seed

Harvesting seed will be done by:
– collecting the seed pods;
– mechanically scooping up the seed that fell on the ground.

In all of this harvest work, we get the help of a group foreign seasonal workers and students. It is not only a very busy but also an enjoyable time of the year.


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