Proud to win 4 Awards at the 36th Spring Garden!

The Lentetuin (Spring Garden): An up until now unequaled show of various flowering flower bulbs in the world’s largest contiguous flower bulb area that you really should not miss. Passionate and innovative bulb growers from the Northern sandy area (North of Holland) proudly present their products and additionally they give a sneak preview regarding varieties that will be put on the market in the near future.

We are proud to win 4 awards at the Lentetuin 2016:
* Category 1 up to 55 varieties: 2nd award with praise from the jury: 9,25 points
* Best Narcissus (small flowering): 1st award with Narcissus ‘Heart to Heart’ (see photo)
* Best Miscellaneous Bulb (small): 1st award with Pleione Snow White (see photo)
* Best display miscellaneous bulbs 2016

3rd – 7th March 2016
Lentetuin Breezand (Spring Garden)
Theme 2016: Fairy Tales

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