Ipheion uniflorum Tessa®

In the summer of 2014 we purchased the entire stock of Ipheion uniflorum Tessa® incl. the European Plant Breeders’ Rights.

• Star-shaped light pink flowers 4cm wide, slightly darked in the centre
of each petal
• Very long flowering period because several flowers from single bulb bloom
one after another
• Great naturalizer; they multiply by bulb and seed
• Grass-like foliage that smells like garlic when crushed
• Size: 4/+
• Time of flowering: May-June and when well ‘settled’ also in the winter
• Height: 10-15 cm

So we now own both the PBR of Ipheion Charlotte Bishop® and Ipheion uniflorum Tessa®.

Besides these pink Ipheions we also offer a white (Alberto Castillo) and dark blue (Jessie®) Ipheion.

Ipheion (also called Spring Star) is a, for many people still unknown, beautiful and grateful miscellaneous bulb which really should not be missing in the garden.

The star-shaped flowers brighten up any garden (and human) in early spring. Each bulb produces about up to 6 flowers.

Ipheion uniflorum Tessa®

Ipheion uniflorum Tessa®

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